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Upcoming Live Workshops and Trainings

Training - How to Bring Email Marketing into Your Business

(LIVE October 7th 12pm EST)
Replay provided

Current you:
-Wants to leverage email marketing, it's been on the to-do list for a while now..

-Has a small or nonexistant list that you're not quite sure what to email about

-Unsure how to sell to your email list and use it for business growth 

-Slightly overwhelmed by the tech and programs 

You after this training:

-Motivated and has direction on how to start and grow and email list 

-Confident in what and how often to email your list 

-Clear on what tech is available for email marketing and which you should choose for your business 

$35 usd (limited spots)

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Training - 8 Ways to Make Money Online and How to Get Started 

(Live November 13th 8pm EST)
Tentative Date

Current you:
-Wants another stream of income that allows you to work from your laptop 

-Has considered or tried something but it didn't pay off in the way you wanted 

-Realized you're probably missing a lot of opportunity to work online! 


You after the training:
-Buzzing with ideas for making more money online 

-Clear on what your next steps are for making that happen 

-Able to optimize time for money and work towards passive income

-Has the tools to create an entire remote career

 $35usd (limited spots)

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Past Events - Recorded Trainings

How to Stop Procrastinating and Manage Your Life, Grounded and Focused 

Current you:
-Feels like there's not enough hours in the day

-Makes a routine and plan but can never stick to it

-Has big goals you want to achieve but can barely fold the laundry after it comes out of the dryer

You after this workshop:

-Always knows what to do next

-Feels grounded and focused during the work day 

-Can relax guilt free 

-Manages time with ease


What would it mean to you if you had an entire week where you felt grounded and focused, and more productive than ever as you move through your busy schedule and never ending to-do list?

I'm not here just to tell you to meditate, or write a shorter to do list, or get up earlier (no thanks really)..

..I'm here to teach you that there is a DIFFERENT way to manage time.

A way that goes deeper than colour coded planners and click up boards.

(Love a colour coded calendar though).

I know you have a lot on your plate,

I mean you kind of like it that way don't you?

You can handle it, it keeps you going.

But there's this underlying sense of "holy shit I have a lot to do",

and an even more looming sense of,

"how can I create what I want to create when I'm already this overwhelmed at this stage 😭?? "

It can be easier. 

In this class I teach on the new reality of time management in our chaotic world; identifying the masculine and feminine spectrum of energy we have available to us for creating an easeful, focused, and grounded schedule. 

$47 usd

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How to Create a Personal Brand and Show Up Confidently Online

(Live December 2021)
Replay provided

Current you:
-Knows the power of personal branding

-Wants to show up online as a business owner, Influencer or just for fun but is stuck

-Is ready to optimize their brand and knows that it's not as simple as sharing your breakfast on IG stories


You after this workshop:

-Empowered to create an online presence in the way you want to

-Feels confident in boundaries and vulnerability when it comes to what you share or don't share online

-Knows how to leverage personal branding for growth 

-Feels motivated and excited to start creating the content you want to 

$35 usd (limited spots)

Coming Soon

Training - How to Start a YouTube Channel 

(Live Jan 2022)
Replay provided

Current you:
-Knows that video content is a non-negotiable in 2022

-Has been thinking about getting an YT for a while now..

-Needs accountability and a kick in the butt, but also some solid knowledge for HOW to thrive on youtube


You after this training:

-Has a plan and strategy for YouTube

-Knows how to optimize your videos before and after they are posted 

-Understands how to grow on YT and how to leverage it to monetize 

$35 usd (limited spots)

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Workshop - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Changing Habits

(Live February 2022)
Replay Available

Current you:
-Dreams about the person you want to become. The person who is more confident, stands up straighter and feels purposeful and powerful 

-Knows, on some level you're holding yourself back but can't get through a breakthrough point


You after the training:
-Finally understands what's holding you back and how to overcome it step by step 

-Knows how to change habits, overnight and the psychology behind making lasting change

-Can feel the difference between comfort zone and fear. Knows how to move through it. 


$35usd (limited spots)

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