Your mental and physical health will inevitably improve as you become more productive and successful in all aspects of your life. And that’s just a side effect of working together. Expect...

Consistent access to sharp focus.

Tap into your purpose.


Increase your magnetism, leadership, and influence to achieve more.

Communicate your thoughts and experience effectively.

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1. Identify the beliefs that are limiting you, the patterns that are running you, and the situations that are draining you.


And we dissolve them on a mental and physical level. 


 2. Discover where your past experiences are sabotaging your current reality.


Not if they are, where they are. (Because they are)


3. Regulate your nervous system (which is running the show most of the time) so you can show up consistently, set powerful boundaries, and improve overall performance on all levels. 


1. Facilitate deep and rapid reflection to stimulate action and change  


2. Create a container for your transformation so you get the energy, the lifestyle, the career and the girl. 

3. Teach you the systems and tools to regulating;

-improving self awareness on a level you never thought possible

-emotional intelligence to allow you become the Man who is magnetic, powerful and safe

-communication skills to connect deeper and more easily to the people around you



Improve your capacity to focus, to quickly shift strategies, and to make better decisions.


Increase emotional intelligence to allow you become a man who is magnetic, powerful and safe


Experience a relationship that’s supportive, challenging, fun and loving


Jihad's Experience

"Johanna helped me get clarity in my life. What I loved most was that I could really feel her integrity. She over delivers and makes sure every session left me in an empowering state."

Lucas' Experience

"I'd recommend Johanna to anyone looking to unlock those things we have in the back of our minds that we don't want to confront. She not only helped me to find those things but also take responsibility for them and face them in order to progress."


What other men are saying..

"Amazing amazing insight on the mindset and business aspect.

You're one hell of a fucking coach. Thank-you for that."

-Funnel Strategist

"Having her challenge my underlying beliefs was humbling, this had a huge impact on my business. I couldn't recommend her more."

-Marketing Agency Owner

"In one session we were able to identify and basically completely dissolve a huge hurdle I had which was limiting me from a major expansion opportunity in my business."

-International Tax Specialist

It's an honour to serve men.

Men have been taught that it’s normal to struggle, that taking a break isn’t an option, that they have to grind and sacrifice for a career at any cost, including the cost of health and relationships. 

And so they might continue to push but something stays stuck, eventually health issues arrive. Rashes, poor sleep, anxiety starting in our early 30s. 

There’s a desire to relieve the constant pressure without fully letting everything go to shit.

From what I've seen, for those close to burnout, it can also feel like:

-There aren’t enough hours in the day to hit the next income goal without absolute burnout. 

-Dealing with people or the team is leading to resentment. (Or delegation isn't happening at all)  

-Relationship drama is almost more than is bare-able and hardly feels worth the effort.

But the truth is all men want to wake up feeling energized. They want to be PURPOSE DRIVEN in their career and in an active leadership role.  

And once that is sorted they generally also want a relationship that’s supportive, challenging, fun and loving.

Together we work to make that happen.  










From Stagnancy to In Your Full Power 

1. You’ll work with me weekly in a 1:1 setting to help you achieve your goals, overcome your unique challenges and hit calculated success markers. High level perspectives for maximum accountability, progress, and faster results. 

2. You will be demanded to elevate your standards to maximize the quality of your life and relationships. 
3. You'll get access to results driven modalities and techniques including resilience training, subconscious work, and somatic therapy during sessions, with detailed feedback.
When we commit to our evolution through mindset coaching and somatic therapy we get to  
  • Achieve clarity, direction, and purpose in life
  • Increase ability to direct attention and switch strategies 
  • Run meetings and speak to groups without undesirable physiological experience like poor sleep, nervousness or sweaty palms 
  • Decrease cortisol and feelings of depression 
  • Increase immune response, sleep quality  
  • Establish a deep connection to our authentic self
  • Experience more intimacy and connection

Can you say yes to one or more of these?

  1. Your business is succeeding and you’re the textbook definition of ‘professionally successful'...but you’re still not happy.
  2. You’re ready to find yourself in a relationship that takes you to a place you’ve never been - supportive, challenging, fun and truly loving. 

  3. You’re ready for a change, committed to self responsibility and open to the possibility that you life could radical shift for the better. 

  4. You experience constant pressure and could use a place to de-compress

Good news, you've found the right place. 

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"Amazing amazing insight on the mindset and business aspect.

I have been struggling a lot lately with the shifting of my identity and had no idea that is what it really was I had been fighting with. I got a lot of clarity out of your expertise.

I absolutely love the insight that you bring, along with your honesty and energy you bring, you're one hell of a fucking coach. Thank-you for that."




"Having her challenge my underlying beliefs was humbling, and opened up my business to new opportunities and ways of thinking. 

Johanna facilitated sessions that took me through the intricacies of consulting with empathy, speaking to an audience in an entirely new way that spoke to their emotional needs rather than solely a pragmatic approach. This had a huge impact on my business and I continue to enjoy our discussions about strategy and development. I couldn't recommend her more."


"In one session we were able to identify and basically completely dissolve a huge hurdle I had which was limiting me from a major expansion opportunity in my business.

With her guidance I was able to drop into my body almost immediately. I could stay more present throughout the session than I can during most self-guided work that I do. I was able to really feel the emotions very precisely which was great."  

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